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Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:38 pm

-Fixed Ice Queen / Gorgon / Balrog / Zaikan / Hydra Drops
-Fixed Salamander / Undine / Slyphid / HellRaiser Drops
-Fixed Deep Dungeon Dark Knight Drops
-Fixed Dead Digger Drops
-Fixed Knicks (Nix Boss) Drops
-Fixed Swamp Monster Drops
-Fixed God of Darkness Drops
-Note for Ancient Hero Soul Combination Item (Updated to Season 16)
(Vesper NightWing Slayer)
(Arkadin Kanaz Rune Wizard)
(Apprentice Legendary Rune Wizard)
-Kundun Drops Remake 50%AHS(TYPE) Ancient Drops/50% Random Ancient Drops
-Enable Loren Deep Event
-Erohim Drops Remake 50%AHS(TYPE) Ancient Drops/50% Random Ancient Drops
-Exp Adjust for Maps:
(Nixie Lake)
(Deep Dungeon)
(Swamp of Darkness)
(Kubera Mine)
(Abyss Atlas)
(Red Smoke Icarus)
(Temple Arenil)
-Adjusted Chaos Castle Mobs Giving too much Damages
-Loren Market Store is now for Wcoins (Zen)
-Zen Drop Increase for Farming in Kalima / Land of Trials
-Configured Maze of Dimension
-Magriffy Core Drop Now give Ancient Items/Muun Pets
-Fixed Jewel of Creation Drop
-Fixed Dark Jewel Bless/Soul/Life/Luck/Science(Skill) Drop
-SM Fixed Critical Damage / Excellent Damage lower vs Normal Damage
-Fixed Great Drakan Respawn Time
-Fixed Elite Mobs Respawn Time for Invasion
-BloodCastle Mobs Adjust Defense / Exp
-Devil Square Mobs / EXP Adjusted
-Devil Square Horse now Gives GP
-Fixed Kundun/Erohim/Magriffy Core Drop Issue
-Increase spawn for mini bosses
-Server 2 Remove Event/Invasion/boss
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